Fish, Spice and the Thyme of My Life

Ahh it is the holiest Week of the Philippine calendar. Families taking a break find respite from polluted air city living and go to vacation resorts. Families 'bond' care of the beach and the beautiful rustic and oftentimes rural sceneries.

The food? No problem. The locality's food business service will take care of that. They will enjoy the freshness of harvest from the sea: shrimps in Dakak, lobsters fromPalawan, and the mollusks of Cavite.

For us city-dwellers forever (only because we cannot afford a 5 kilometer travel away from our homes), we plan our meals around fish this time of the year. As Catholics are supposed to be meatless and instead 'endure' fish and veggie eating or none at all. This year would not be any different. I bought some tilapia and bangus, also some yellow fin tuna.

Grilled, steamed sauced, our fish will be thymed, oreganoed, basilled, cuminned and black peppered.

Delish and healthy. But aren't we Catholics supposed to make sacrifices during Lenten season?

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