My Weekly Food Menu

To minimize my stress around my cooking chores, I have decided to make a weekly program of our meals. Taking after what my mother did way back. To segue it was a rule that I watch her cook so I can learn. Disinterested yes, but I would always abide. My mom's word was like God's. By the way, our meals were planned on a weekly basis because she needed the extra time away to do some extra income generating activities.

To segue again, my own daughter did not benefit from any cooking lessons from yours truly. We could afford the help, those days. Matured or elderly help who are expert cooks. Aside from that my mom stayed with us and so cooking was always on her agenda. But 6 years ago she got her own place and I was left to fend for myself. A good help was out of the question. And I turned out to be the default housekeeper. Housekeeping included cleaning the house, cooking, marketing, supermarting, etc, etc, etc. aside from working on a full time job. (I became a full time SAHM 4 years ago).

So back to my plan of designing my weekly menu, here it is, which starts tomorrow, Tuesday local time, and ends Monday next week.

I am determined to make this work over the week, hoping I could do it on a regular basis. So here goes: (Also, I will do my marketing tomorrow so it's gonna be a busy day).

Breakfast - Fresh Orange Juice-Banana Lakatan-Coffee-Bacon with Lettuce and Fresh Tomatoes-Wheat Bread-Coffee-Honey Lemon Drink (This is my permanent drink)
Lunch - Tuna Fish Kare Kare-White Rice-Papaya
Snack - Boiled Saba
Dinner - Onion Soup-Menudo-White Rice-Banana Again

Breakfast - Papaya Shake-Coffee-Honey Lemon Drink-Home Made Fried Tocino-White Rice
Lunch - Macaroni Soup-Grilled Bangus-Stir Fried Cabbage-White Rice-Sweetened Langka
Snack - Cheese Sandwich and Honey Lemon Drink
Dinner - Beef Teriyaki-Sauteed-String Beans-White Rice-Fried Saba

Breakfast - Ripe Mango-Scrambled Eggs-Paksiw na Bangus-Fried Rice-Coffee-Honey Lemon Drink
Lunch - Shrimps sauteed in Oyster Sauce with Broccoli-White Rice-Kamote Tops Salad (Mine)-Fresh Pineapples
Snack - Guinatan with Langka
Dinner - Fried Tilapia-Guinataang Kangkong-White Rice-Ripe Mango

Breakfast - Honey Lemon Juice-Papaya-Coffee-Pandesal with White Cheese-Bacon Bits
Lunch - Clam Soup- Sweet and Sour Pork-White Rice-Fresh Pineapples
Snack - Boiled Saba with Honey Lemon Drink
Dinner - Chicken Tinola White Rice Fried Fish Fillets Papaya

Breakfast - Fresh Orange Juice-Honey Lemon Drink-Coffee-Corned Beef Omelette-Pandesal
Lunch - Barbecued Beef Spareribs-Macaroni Salad-White Rice-Ube Halaya
Snack - Pancit Bihon with Honey Lemon Juice
Dinner - Bachoy Soup-Stirfried Veggies-Crispy Fried Catfish with Ginisang Tomatoes and Shallots as Dip-Fresh Papaya

Breakfast - Strawberry Shake-Champorado with Dilis- Honey Lemon Drink- Coffee
Lunch - Crab and Egg Soup-Grilled Yellow Fin Tuna-White Rice-Chop Suey-Candied Langka
Snack - Spaghetti with Dalandan Juice
Dinner - Beef Steak-Stir Fried Toge and Mushrooms-White Rice-Saba in Syrup

Breakfast - Orange Juice-Coffee-Honey Lemon Drink-Chicken Arrozcaldo
Lunch - Pork Adobo-Green Salad-Tahong Soup-White Rice-Fresh Ripe Mango
Snack - Strawberry Crepe
Dinner - Sinigang na Hipon Soup-Grilled Pork Chops-White Rice-Banana

I am sure everyone will enjoy these meals.

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