Posh Mama

I was supposed to write this in Feb 26 after applying for membership to Post Mama hoping I'd be able to take advantage of 100 Entrecard credits. However, I forgot all about it till tonight.

Anyway, I'd still want to quote the invitation from their message board as follows:

"A message to all members of Posh Mama

Posh Mama is an online magazine and a social network exclusively for women from all around the world. The network is a supportive, interactive, and highly engaged community of Posh Mamas who share information on fashion, beauty, style, home interiors, art, book reviews, author interviews, fitness, nutrition, unique products for women, cool gadgets, high-tech toys and important product recalls".

"You don't have to be a "Mother" to be a 'Posh Mama'. "

So if you think this community is for you "come hang out with" us at www.poshmama.com.

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