Are we eating dead food?

Enzymes are living organisms found in raw food. Fact is, humans are also born with a designated supply of naturally occurring digestive enzymes. Let’s say that our body’s supply is equivalent to 100,000 credits. As we get older, a 100 credits here, a thousand, over here, another ten thousand over there. Credits deducted. The food that we take can also spell the difference. What we eat can either add, or further reduce credits. Note that food cooked over 121 degrees Fahrenheit or more has zero credit. It is dead as far as enzymes are concerned. And so are processed foods.

The more we eat these types of food, more enzyme credits are gone to the wind because the body actually needs more enzyme credits to digest dead food. This sounds morbid but it is the truth. I know I have been there.

Eating right is crucial in maintaining a healthy number of enzymes. Because we cannot avoid cooking our food, we therefore need a way to add to, or at least maintain a good number. This means, we must eat ‘live’ food, as often as we can. I am deliberately avoiding the enzyme scientific blabber so it doesn’t get boring as it already is, but just ask ourselves, what do we do to maintain a good number of enzymes?

My own positive experience with fruits and veggies are these:

1. Eat more raw and fresh fruits. Start in the mornings. Fruits can be taken during breakfast, fruit, instead of pastry desserts for lunch; and why not fruit shake for dinner. Wow! How good it really feels to eat fruits everyday. It gives you a refreshed feeling, as if thirst after thirst is being quenched.

2. Just like fruits, vegetables are rich in enzymes, especially raw. But if you can’t really do this, steam for no longer than a minute. Of course, veggies must be washed very well. Make sure that they have not been exposed to pesticides or herbicides. Best bet is, if you can, plant your own vegetables.

3. Vegetables with fruit juices are a swell combination. Or perhaps, try stand-alone fruity avocado shake today, or why not celery-carrot juice another given day. Our imagination is the only limit. Best yet, make veggie salad a standard fare of every meal.

4. I also suggest food tandems or “combis” such as: pastas and breads with a veggie salads or; meat/fish/poultry meals with veggie salads and fresh fruit desserts. Bathe the salads preferably with extra virgin olive oil (the real thing).

I feel healthy already

Dead is not fashionable, alive and well is.


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