Magic milk, anyone?

‘Magic milk’ or milk that comes from camels are said to be highly nutritious, three times more than Vitamin C and ten times iron provided by cow’s milk. It is said to cure numerous illnesses like diarrhea or even tuberculosis and may even act like an aphrodisiac.

Camels are of two breeds: the Bactrians or the two humped camels which are famous for their meat and hair; and the Dromedary or single humped which are best for milk production. Milk is expressed by hand and it appears that camel milk yield is really dependent on the breed, it’s grazing and the time of the year. Camel milk is expressed best in the presence of its young.

So if you get the chance, wouldn’t it be nice to taste what I am sure would be an exquisite serving of camel dairy products from milk to cheese, chocolates and ice cream. YUM!

And by the way can you guess what animal wears a bra? See the basis of this post here and here.

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