My Breakfast Combis

Breakfast as we all know is the most important meal of the day. But who among us take this fact seriously or thoroughly. Not even I who is sort of a health nut. My last post was about a new food wellness menu I designed to suit my hypertensive condition. This post will further expand that because I shall write about different breakfast combinations that can be tried or explored. So here goes:

BTW my breakfast combis utilize locally sourced food items -meaning it is mostly for Philippine audiences.

1. Fruits in season as listed below: in balls, slices, chunks, tidbits, or in shake,
or perhaps juiced.
Bananas as in Lakatan
Guyabano (Sour Sop)
Ube Halaya
Fresh fruit salad

2. Boiled Banana Saba - plain
Natural Honey Glazed Kamote or Sweet Potatoes
Baked Potatoes bathed in Evoo
Boiled Saba Bananas with mascuvado sugar
Boiled natural Corn drizzled with evoo

3. Mild blend of Barako Coffee with fat free milk or cream
Green Tea
Local Cocoa Drink
Ginger Tea
Ginger as in Salabat

4. Poached Egg (Native) with Cinnammon (unprocessed)
Egg omelet (Native) drizzles with Evoo
Home made Longganisa
Home made tocino (no preservatives) - this is doable
Goat cheese slices
Home dried pusit
Home made sardines or mackerel
Had-boiled egg
Toasted Dilis
Scrambled eggs with loads of tomatoes and onions
Daing na Bangus, fried
Paksiw na Bangus with lots of green chilies and garlic
Kinilaw na Fresh Dilis , prepared the night before
Garlic-based Hamburger Balls steamed and then baked

5. Garlicked Bread with Evoo
Fried Rice in Evco (extra virgin coconut oil)
Oatmeal with honey (natural)
Pan de sal with white cheese (goat cheese)
Suman sa Lihia with freshly grated coconut and mascuvado sugar
Puto or Cutchinta with freshly grated coconut as topping
Palitaw (prepared the night before)

I say back to basics. Down with processed food. Why? Go figure.


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