A Recipe for Wellness

My new food wellness menu:


Extra Virgin Olive Oil (evoo)on top of a grated garlic topped slice of bread (2pcs)
(I don't take any processed anything for my bread no more)
Any fruit in season, maybe papaya, avocados, melon, pineapple, ripe mangoes (2-3 slices depending on fruit size)
Coffee (quarter of a teaspoon instant coffee grains and same amount of brown sugar)

15 minute Meditation plus a slice of fruit

Dinner left over (steamed again)usually fish or lean meat portions only
Vegetable Salad of any hodge podge of green turned into a salad (with ginger and evoo on top)
Less than a cup of rice
Fresh Fruit

Fresh fruit juice with any type of pasta (chicken breast or clam or shrimp) with liberal evoo dressing)

usually, onion soup (uncreamed)
Green salad bathed in evoo
Steamed fish or chicken breast
Fresh fruit

I have been on this for almost a week and I feel good about it. The weather over in this part of the world is scorching heat and humidity which doesn't sit well with my hypertensive condition.

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