Dressed for the killer salad

In today's health obsessed world, a healthy salad is a must. Whether it is purely green, or vegetable, or maybe, fruit, fish, meat or even molded, salads are enjoyed the world over. It is one of the most versatile dining elements to prepare which requires imagination and aesthetic creativity. Salads are served in various forms - appetizer, a side dish, sometimes, the main dish, or it could be the final touch to a meal. Salad preparations are often the most open to culinary flexibility, experimentation and culinary design.

Ingredients and garnish will require a separate food or cooking post, so I shall leave that and focus instead on the dressing. Because what would a salad be without its dressing?

Salads are capped with dressings. Be it French classic which minimally dict
ates a blend of oil, pepper and salt; or continental which incorporates a variation of lime, lemon, shallots, onions, capers, herbs, garlic, anchovies, hard cooked eggs, , mustard, cayenne and Asian which combines sesame oil, fish sauce, lemon grass, ginger, soy sauce and other spiced condiments reflective of Southeast Asian cooking. The permutations are limitless.

So what would it be?

Classic or cre
amy French dressing, or perhaps, Italian, or why not sour cream or tartar sauce? Try wine vinaigrette, thousand island, Roquefort cheese dressing or just plain old quick home made or commercial based mayonnaise dressing?

Me, I want them all.

Dressing elements not mentioned above may

1. aromatic bitters
2. oil most often olive
3. wine vinegar
4. sour cream
5. pickle or pickle relish
6. sugar
7. garlic powder, garlic salt
8. cider vinegar
9. olives
10. most herbs
11. most spices
12. yogurt
13. sophisticated cheeses
14. white wine
15. fruits in season and its fruit juices
16. whipped cream
17. melted butter (on occasion)
18. gelatine
19. egg yolks
20. buttermilk
21. chili sauce
22. bacon
23. cinnamon
24. wine vinegar
25. tofu
26. croutons
27. sesame seeds
28. tabasco
29. goat's milk cheese
30. shrimp paste (Filipino)

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