Food garden anyone?

I am far from a professional cook nor am I a true blue gardener. So what is the point you ask? Here it is -- Cooking may well include the pleasure of gardening. So what if you're red thumb-ed and not green? And, so what if you don't have a big yard nor a large garden? What you need are clay pots in different sizes to house your plants. Planting vegetables, herbs, fruit trees as well as flowers is not only enjoyable but a wellness activity too. There's a certain delectation in picking, cooking and partaking that which your own hands helped grow.

A couple of years ago, I had plenty of herbs in our backyard. Mint, basil, thyme, rosemary, dill, marjoram and oregano. What I could not use fresh, I dried. Just pick them in the mornings (best time to pick herbs) and dried them using small mesh bags. When dried, I stored them in clean, recycled bottles, sealed tight not waiting for any excuse as to be incorporated in every imaginable dish I prepared.

I also have different varieties of chili and tomatoes plants but they are still small. About fruit trees,
we have several as well. I have been also been trying to grow celery but no luck. I am planning to buy additional seeds like aubergine, tomato (other varieties), lemon grass cuttings but first I am waiting for my recently composted backyard soil to get even healthier. I can garden anytime. It is always a pleasure.

With today's global concern about the environment, eco-living and eco-gardens are starting to catch up with our lifestyles. Good for us humans. There is still time to repair the damage we have done and continue to do to Mother Earth. If we start now, perhaps there's hope. So why not have a food garden soon.

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