Native chicken and noodle soup

Upon the request of GFAS, I am reproducing here the Chicken soup recipe from my Mom.

My M
om's good old recipe is a real healthy soup because it requires not the commercially bought chicken but rather native poultry which we usually get from the province. Native chicken is poultry raised without the usual chemical-filled chicken feeds. These are poultry raised in remote provincial backyards, allowed to roam about, scratch their own food and if at all, fed with mountain corn grown also without the usual pesticides.

Yes. Her recipe requires clean and organic ingredients and cooking implements. Tough if you ask me. But that was way, way, way back.

Today, it is very
difficult to find these healthy attributes from food ingredients. But anyway, if you can source the following, organic, then we're on to a good start.

What we need:

1 kilo of Native chicken breast and back
(Note that natives are usually not plump, unlike commercially sold poultry. We all know why)

3 organically grown baby carrots diced finely
white onions
vegetable oil
salt to taste
spaghetti noodles

Dress and cut the chicken. Only the breast and back parts of the chicken must be used. Simmer until the bones strip away from the flesh. Use strainer to separate stock from the breast meat and then shred fine. Set aside. If you can secure a clay pot to simmer the chicken in, the better.

Saute garlic, and then onions in oil. As soon as shallots turn transparent, pour in the shredded chicken breast. Wait one minute. Add stock. Meanwhile, cut spaghetti noodles into 1 inch lengths. By this time, the stock starts to simmer. Put the noodles in till it is al dente. Time to put it the carrots.

In bed with flu? Serve scaldingly hot. Otherwise, enjoy.

Note: It must be hot so take great care when serving to children.

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