Let's drink to this

Yes, let us --- drink to a new wine rack. Another aspect of our furniture that I want to update is the wine cabinet. What we have right now is so massive and dark. Actually this is my partner's choice. He normally goes for dark and massive types of furniture. On the other hand I like the opposite. I like natural finish and medium-sized home furnishings. Does that indicate something?

Fact is, I prefer medium scaled furniture, not massively built. I'd rather have it quaint and understated. Because, that is actually my personality. I believe that you could tell the personality of a person from the way his or her house is built, that's if it had been built from the ground. Get a glimpse or an indication of an individual's taste, attitude and psychological leanings; though that is not entirely conclusive, but yup, somehow, you can get the ' feel '.

Also, smaller houses and smaller furniture are easier to clean and maintain right?

Although, I may not be doing the wine rack cabinet update anytime soon, here's what I dream of getting. Take a look.

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