Are you willing to spend for designer chocolates?

Designer clothes I can understand that. Haute cuisine, yes, I get that too. And now this is the guffaw of my life ta da-da-- designer chocolates from the famous Giorgio Armani. This is the real deal! A chocolate or confection product that's exclusively made by Armani Dolci, the confectionery store owned by Armani himself.

And in time for Halloween too. Giorgio Armani's confectionery just "released a special ghoulish chocolate", described as chocolate pralines enclosed in white chocolate coating". Take a look at how goody it looks. The packaging is super.
choco photo courtesy of wwd

In a similar fashion maybe for the coming Christmas holidays, the Dolci Stores will once again offer pastries they traditionally make available to their uppercrust clientele, in much the same way they did in 2007. See the old cuisine news snippet and pic here.

By the way, the Armani designer chocolates are seasonal and available only at Armani's main store in Milan, Italy. So if you want to get a taste of haute chocolates and can very well afford it despite the bad economic times, GO before October 30.

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