Bed Weather

To digress a bit about our current heat insulation problems at home, I have been wishing bed weather since I woke up early this morning. Not for me really, but for my son so he can sleep at ease and well.

Which reminds me of cloudy and drizzling days spent with my partner, teasing each other about bed weather. Back when we were young, it meant conditions were ripe to laze around the bed, snuggle, joke, tumble and do romantic things. The bedroom served as our sanctuary where the bed titillated us to spend countless lustful hours together. Ahh, that seems just like yesterday.

The time we spend on beds are actually some of the best moments in our life. I think, we spend almost fifty percent of our lives in bed, sleeping, if not resting or finding comfort behind the sheets, day after day after we finish our daily grind in the office. It is also in bed that most of us consumate the full expression of our love with our mates. And it is also perhaps, in that same bed that some of our children were conceived. Our beds serve as witness to our life's most unforgettable experiences.

Our old bed which we have been using for almost six years, needs a replacement. Seem easy? Not really. I must admit I am a bit choosy about this particular home furnishing because to us, our home furnishings are investments. It is not just a piece of furniture that we can change every time we have a chance. It's more like a 'for keeps' thing. That is why, I always go for wooden beds. Wood gives me that same, exact feeling.

My partner and I prefer big beds that provide a lot of room. Wooden beds made of hardwood in natural or mahogany finish would be the best. When we started planning out for a new bed, we tried to visit as many sites as we could and found lots of design choices. As always, affordability must also be factored in and I must say those we have shortlisted proved reasonable.

It is now just a question of time till we get our brand new bed -- that should last us till all our hair is grey. Can we still enjoy bed weather by then?


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