(Cad) we afford to (bury) those chocolates?

Are you craving for your favorite chocolate shot today? Stop awhile. Look at what you are nibbling. Could it be Cadbury?

One of England's confectionery maker, Cadbury announced a recall of their chocolates manufactured in a "small factory" based in Beijing. Yes, it was found to be tainted with melamine as well. Affected by the recall are chocolates distributed in the Asia-Pacific region only, ( said to be Australia, Taiwan, Nauru, Hong Kong and Christmas Island.) and not those distributed in the United States.

"Preliminary tests showed melamine in Cadbury chocolates produced at the candy maker's Beijing factory, but it was too early to say how much of the chemical was in them, said a Cadbury spokesman who declined to be identified because of company policy".

Of Cadbury's total worlwide sales, only 0.5% come from their Beijing factory, the AP news item said. See entire news feed here.

Affected products were its : Dark Chocette, Eclairs, Dairy Milk Chocolate, Dairy Milk Hazelnut Chocolate, Dairy Milk Cookies Chocolate and its Hazelnut Praline Chocolate.

How do we now distinguish those made in Beijing and those made somewhere else.?

And wasn't just last year when Cadbury made in England was found to be contaminated with salmonella? See related news item here and here.

Now where are those Armani Doci chocolate pralines I bought in my dreams :-) hah!hah!

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