Damage Control and Melamine Milk

What is China doing to repair its 'damaged' international reputation amidst its current melamine milk gaffe?

During his recent visit to New York to attend the 63rd United Nations General Assembly, Premier Wen Jiabao assured that as a responsible nation, China considers food safety and quality as an important aspect of their products.

As reported by China's News Daily, the Premier said that, they have taken 'prompt and resolute steps' specifically about the case of contaminated milk. Apparently, trying to controll the damage caused by the melamine milk scare, he went on to assure his audience that,

"We have ordered all the hazardous milk powder and dairy products off the
shelves, and we have also given the order to seal up and destroy the tainted
milk powder and dairy products".

"We need everything possible to ensure the quality of products, particularly
the safety of food as this concerns everyone's life," he said, adding that "we
should never try to pursue corporate profit or economic growth at the expense
of health and life of people."

"We need to strengthen inspection for every link and process in the production,
at the same time, we need to make every effort to protect the interests of
consumers in real earnest."

Now if we could only be fully confident that these words would guarantee Chinese products' safety.

See the full news article here.

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