Furniture shopping is such a bliss

When we have moved to this new place, my partner and I found ourselves wondering if we needed to make a change as well with our some of our old furniture. First on our list is our old bed. This bed has been with us for awhile now. It has served us well but is now creaky, that a slight human movement causes it to make a rocking movement. Swell!

So we decided to go for a replacement. As I am a wooden beds fanatic, I am planning to buy another one. What I like about wooden beds is that it is timeless. Particularly, those made of hardwood. I have started to scout around and I didn't realize how plenty the choices are.

The furniture sites abound with so many different home furnishings, including those for the dining area. I saw strikingly elegant dining tables and was awed with the richness of the colors and designs. There were classics and there were modern. Again, our dining table replacement must be in wood. No other.

And one more item I need is a book case. During our recent move, we gave hundreds of books to the Marikina City Library. We still have in our possession a couple of hundreds more. Most of our books were formerly stored in corrugated boxes in the old place's utility room. For a change, I need a new one to house these remaining ones. My books need to be free from storage. We currently have several bookcases: one in our bedroom, one each in our sons' rooms and one more in the living room which also alternates as an antique cabinet.

I will never get tired of shopping for new home furnishings.

Ahh, it's always a joy!

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