Insulating our Attic

When we first moved to this place almost two months ago, we were informed that the attic can serve as the third room aside from the two others. It was also the major reason why we finally decided to take the place. Because in effect there were three 'rooms'. Our two sons still staying with us found it great that there was an attic and it was so spacious. During that time, it was always raining and whatever problems we already had then with the place didn't include heat in the attic.

Today, as the days grew hotter, my son who occupies the attic finally realized that it is getting to be unbearable sleeping there. My son works at night and so therefore goes home every morning to have his much deserved, rest and sleep.

Rest is difficult to attain and sleep is hard to find because of the heat. He told me yesterday that the attic, which he personally chose to be his 'room' of comfort is unable to provide that at all. Yup!!! No rain, no drizzle lately, if at all. He was asking me there is a solution to this issue.

Somehow, I feel guilty. Why were we not able to predict this potential problem? This and a host of other drainage and downspout issues which to date hasn't been fully resolved yet?

This morning, after googling 'attic insulation', I found some very important research items, some of which are the following:

1. Insulation is one of the most important facets of home building. It can spell energy savings or money down the drain.

2. "Heat enters our home by conduction: heat flows by conduction from a hotter material to a colder material when two materials touch. An example would be the heat from your coffee transferring through the cup, to your hand."

3. "Radiant heat travels in a straight line away from the hot surface and heats
anything solid as the wave of energy hits it. Radiation from heat source is transmitted through air or vacuum to a cold surface at 186,000 miles per second. An example would be the sun’s radiation, traveling through the 'cold' outer space, to heat your roof."

4. "Roofs should be provided with adequate insulation in order to conserve energy". It could be reflective insulation or bulk insulation.

5. There are certain insulation materials, that can reduce up to 80% of heat absorbed by roofs. Reflective insulation is constituted with aluminum foil with kraft paper, plastic film, polyethylene bubbles or cardboard.

6. There are also those called radiant barriers which reduce downward heat flow and those that are known as fiberglass insulators.

It is such an important, technical and complicated issue that may prove expensive to do.

My gosh and this is just the beginning.

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