A Perfect Blend of Friendship, and Kind Blogger Awards

I just met Cora Roxas recently through her Inside Suburb blog. This lovely lady and her family, are I think currently based in China. Cora obviously loves her home and that seems to be her main avocation. That is aside from maintaining a travel related business.

I was quite pleasantly surprised that she gave me, together with my soulful thoughts and little miss firefly two awards: A Perfect Blend of Friendship Award and Kind Blogger Award 2008.

Thank You Very Much Cora. It is a pleasure knowing your acquaintance. And the Award in fact should be passed on back to you because YOU too deserve it!

And so I'd like to pass this on to the following bloggers, all wonderful and amazingly beautiful women, inside and out and Wow they are my favorite favorites:

1. sher
2.mom wanna be
3.cora roxas
4.pinay single mom
5.elaine of d positive side
6.second cup
7.ivy agustin of chuva chaka
8.the super goddess
9.think nonsense
10.evil woobie
11.smarter than grade 5

Rock on!!!

Cheers always!

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