Rugs In Your Home? Why Not

I never tire talking about home furnishings. Maybe in my previous life I was a struggling interior designer. Be it face to face or by way of photographs and websites, I just love looking at beautiful furniture, those elegant home decor; uniquely simple but functional kitchen designs; floral and vegetable garden patches in the home; and last but not the least dazzlingly designed rugs. No, I don't really covet them. I just love to look. They always evoke a warm and happy feeling.

Talk about rugs. They have been my most favorite items for the house - always add structure and warm ambiance for a small place, but at the same time defy space limitations, just like area rugs. On the other hand, rugs add a homey and cozy feeling for wide and open areas like hotels or office buildings. Can you imagine them without these rugs in their rooms and lobbies? How dry could that be?

My home is over the top when it comes to rugs. My partner just can't live without them. We have them everywhere, the living room, dining, bed, including bathrooms. Honestly, I think you can't overdo rugs. Some of the most beautiful homes I've been too always possessed the complement of rugs. Rugs help define a home or a building concept: modern or contemporary rugs, country, a little bit rustic, of the old, even austere settings. You name it, rugs can provide that theme.

But rugs can prove prohibitive in price. Particularly those that I wish I could own, those intricately designed handwoven ones using nothing but natural fibers from the Middle East. But that will remain a wish I guess. Whatever. I am happy with the rugs we own that we have accumulated a period of time -- machine woven and made of synthetic materials. That's okey, they still mimic the real thing. In vivid, vibrant colors and in different shapes and sizes rugs can surely add character to your dwelling.

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