Snacks that bring wealth?

Do you know that Warren Buffet is said to drink cherry flavored Coke? And snacks on 'Cheetos', mixed nuts, including 'licorice pastel candies? Yes, that's right, Mr. Buffet, the philanthropist and perhaps, the wealthiest man on earth, eat food that is not outstandingly healthy.

Consider Coke - might just be like drinking a cherry flavored sugar solution. And Cheetos, whether it's cheese, flaming hot or twisted, admit it or not may contain loads of transfat. And those sugar coated licorice pastels, candies. I am not really familiar with these. But mixed nuts , that, possibly provide some nutritional value.

Could this type of regular snacking habit helped Warren Buffet develop his money making wizardry? Licorice pastels have been in the market since the 50's and so is coke.

And Cheetos a rather familiar snack item, which celebrity, Ellen De Generes, admits is her favorite snack.

If he has been eating these snacks for a long time now, I am thinking, is this why he is an investment genius? :-)

Now, where is that can of mixed nuts?

See the entire news snippet here.

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