An egg head on eggs?

At this age, I realized recently, that I am not an egghead but still am 'ignorant'. Or perhaps, just maybe naive? Because, one morning as I was preparing breakfast and was taking out the eggs from the refrigerator, I suddenly got dense curious, do hens make love at all? Do they always do it with rooster to produce eggs? Huh! To even think this, early in the morning :-)

And this is what I found out. All commercially sold eggs; those found in the super and wet markets are never fertilized. Generally, laying hens never mate. This type of hens are raised for laying purposes alone, nothing more. Awww shucks, those roosters are missing a lot. Joke!

But when roosters and hens mate, the eggs resulting from 'the act' are what we call fertilized. We can still eat fertilized eggs, though. No, problem, still provide the same nutritional value. Though fertilized, eggs never develop into embryos because of refrigeration, the other end of the chicken egg production pendulum however, use fertilized eggs to develop laying hens. It is just a matter of production realities.

It is also interesting to note the following about chicken eggs:

1. Boiled eggs spin freely. In contrast, raw eggs do three rotations, nothing more.
2.Egg whites contain zero fat, if not very little.
3. Boiled eggs that are difficult to peel are usually fresh.
4. Overcooked boiled eggs display greenish rings around the yolk.
5. Ground egg shells are sometimes used as food additive.
6. Century eggs are not products of hundred years of fermentation but just a few weeks to several months, depending on the method of preservation used.

So see, I am no egghead. Just an aging mom with some common sense.

For more interesting facts about chicken eggs, see here.

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