Other possibly tainted food products from China

It is possible that 30,000 packages of green beans imported from China and sold in Japan maybe contaminated with large concentration of pesticides. Japanese investigative reports said that the beans contained more than 34,000 times the acceptable limits.

News reports further revealed that the beans were imported by Nicherei Foods, a Tokyo based company from Yantai Belhai Foodstuff, said to be located in Shandong, China.

See the full story here.

Meanwhile, in Kaoshiung, Taiwan, frozen octopus balls imported from Shandong , China, may also contain melamine. According to the Health Bureau of Kaohsiung County, 1.1 parts per million of melamine was found in octopus balls. Almost 900 boxes of the food product were already sold in Taichung.

See the complete story here.

So, when and where are all these going? Or, perhaps this is just the beginning?

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