Something to remind me how lucky I am

No one is excused from today's financial worries. All over the world people are stressed about practically the same things: roof over the head, food on the table, money to pay the bills, savings for the children's education, hospital care insurance, funds for retirement, etc. Some lucky guys have these all and yet feel there is still something missing.

I, for one have constantly complained and questioned, is this all what I got to show out of my life? Is this all there is to it? My children are well on their way to building their own lives, need I worry about them still at this point?

Maybe, I should just start worrying about myself. How can I be happy? How do I achieve that certain degree of serenity? And peace? How do I live the remaining years of my life productively? How can I serve as a blessing to others? How good would all that be?

But aside from my family what about others? Those who are out there, somewhere? At this very same moment, people are dying from disease, women abused and children hungry. A friend told me once that I should not and never carry the weight of the world on my shoulders, because I have expressed my concern about the poor in my country. He said, that I should stop worrying about other people's concerns. They are not my problems, just think about my own.

And, yes, that is right, the guy comes from a rich country.

During times of reflection, when pangs of "loneliness" bite and pinch me, I think of the really downtrodden and wonder, how they are able to survive. Where do they get the food they eat, if at all? How long has it been since they have enjoyed a bath with clean water and in a clean bathroom? Do they know what its like to sleep on a bed?

Now, do I have a reason to complain?

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