I want cooookies

Back in my old corporate days, my head aches especially during this time of the holiday season. The reason? I always wanted to make a difference as far as making my corporate clients happy. But you know what, the task undoubtedly, lightens when you give gifts of food such as cakes or pastries. And specifically specially, gourmet holiday cookies. It never fails.

Today, as I face another year of handing out corporate holiday gifts for my business clients, the occasion will be much easier. Because I will give gifts that will surely delight, cheer and most of all prove healthy - coooookies. With coffee, milk or my favorite fruit juice drink, cookies provide a certain feeling of comfort or familiarity, yet sophisticated enough to be enjoyed and relished during breakfast, tea or children's parties. In fact, people all over the world have savored the freshness cookies bring ever since people learned how to bake.

Oh, and did forget to mention, I myself would love to receive them as gifts too? Whether it is peanut butter to milk chocolate, or perhaps something more healthy like organic gourmet cookies like oatmeal raisin or dark chocolate, I would like to receive dozens. I imagine this Christmas, my cookie gifts to be wrapped in classy gift boxes with all those different Christmas-sy ribbons and tags. Holiday or special moments, I am very sure cookie gifts will get to be opened first. Oooh, what a pleasure.

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