I will always love pasta

Health issues or whatever, I will always enjoy preparing and delecting pasta. If budget allows, true Italian ingredients will be superb. Otherwise, whatever is available, can do. Just don't skip the extra virgin olive oil and the durum wheat for the pasta.

If I were a pasta, blogthings says I am:

You Are Pasta Primavera

Compared to most people, you are very active and health conscious.

You take care of yourself and try to live the best life possible.

You are an open minded and experimental person. You are always looking for ways to improve yourself.

Your tastes tend to be ultra modern. You know of trends before anyone else has spotted them.

What Pasta Dish Are You?

Yes, I am a health nut, who wouldn't be under my circumstances?
Yes, I try to take care of myself.
I can be open-minded at times.
YES! I have a knack for predicting trends.

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