Ludy carrying salmonella must be avoided at all costs

While, my children were all growing up, breakfasts were normally accompanied with sandwich fillings, specifically, peanut butter. Yes, the commercial kind. Unlike the ones that my relatives from the province brought us every summer, those found in supermarkets were either too oily or too hard in texture. But, I didn't have a lot of choices back then.

Why am I talking about peanut butter today?

Because, I just heard that the local Bureau of Food and Drug issued a total recall for all Samuya manufactured food products. Samuya manufactures Ludy's peanut butter. Initially, the recall was just for their sweet and creamy peanut butter lines. But latest news update, indicated a total withdrawal of all Samuya from supermarkets and grocery stores. Apparently, Samuya's peanut based products are contaminated with Salmonella.

Salmonella can "cause illnesses in humans and many animals. Think typhoid fever, paratyphoid fever, and the food borne illness salmonellosis". Salmonella "can be transmitted by humans to animals and vice versa".

According to Wikipedia, "salmonella can survive for weeks outside a living body. They have been found in dried excrement after over 2.5 years. Sunlight (ultraviolet radiation) accelerates their demise; they perish after being heated to 55 degrees C for one hour, or to 60 degrees C for half an hour".

And to protect against salmonella infection, it is recommended that food be heated for at least ten minutes at 75 degrees C (temperature at the center). It is also said that the salmonella bacteria can not be destroyed by freezing", but can "die rapidly in acid media, including common disinfectants".

Remember this peanut butter contamination in the United States?

So, how can food companies operate in an environment conducive to contamination with salmonella or other harmful substances. What about QA? Which include its the food handling system. I am guessing that overtime, companies have the tendency to relax their food sanitary and safety measures. Precisely, why BFAD is around. To continuously monitor against unsafe manufacturing processes.

Confirming there is contamination is fine. But what about disposal of unfit products? I am worried they might just later turn up in Divisoria - at give away prices. You see cheap now a days can be very attractive. Now, how is the buying public protected against that?

Vigilance, vigilance, vigilance. Food safety can not be over emphasized. I believe we have all the laws to protect the consumers. The problem is really about the implementation.

Come to think of it, we have been using Lily's Peanut Butter and bought Ludy's only when Lily's is not available.


Trying to google Samuya's corporate website - Nada

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