Machiavelli is not just a philosopher

But a brand of Philippine fruit based chocolates as well!

There's this new type of chocolates created by a Filipino. As i understand it, the chocolate used by this brand are belgian and french chocolates; considered to be two of the best types of chocolates in the world.

Imagine ube or yam, lychee, mango, cashew and pili nuts, guava, buko pandan, muscovado sugar langka or jackfruit, mangosteen, jasmine and curiously, mungbean, fused with belgian and french chocolates shaped in delectably stunning shapes. Ooolala!


And the brand? Cunningly machiavellian -- Machiavelli of course is the modern day politician and philosopher, idolized by many political figures we know.

See more of Machiavelli chocolates here and here.

Where to get them in the Philippines?

Please visit them at Rustan's Makati, ground floor, Essenses area,
in Glorietta 4 . Their store landline is 63 (02) 4839854.

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