Hello There

And yes, it seems like I will be a web-tizen once more. The idea thrills me. But on second thought, what could I still write here that no one has ever said or written about before? I have seen hundreds, if not thousands  of wonderful food and cooking blogs.  Most of them made me gasp in awe;  by the way they were written, by the way their food pictures were taken and by the sincere gestures of sharing them with others.   I must single out  sassy's  blog. She of the lawyering-turned family chef kind. I just love her unpretentious style; the unique ways in which she fuses her recipes though  her never ending experiments in using ingredients,  of  taking the traditional to make the flavor eclectic and the taste truly her own. 

There are countless others who have amazed and at the same time made me envious. Sometimes, I dream that one day I could be a chef savant with my own place, managing  meals that are consistently healthy and  most importantly delicious. That would be outstanding. 

So is there anything else that I could contribute? Who knows?  I may still have some,  up my sleeve. For now, I am cranking my head crazy, thinking of  topics I should do to make a page view, visit or a drop-in worthwhile.


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