Learn Italian Cooking while you are on vacation

The Gourmet Vacation Package is essentially learning to cook the Italian way conducted  in an authentic Italian setting. What can be more authentic than being in Italy to learn how to cook the Italian way?  You don't just learn the techniques. The greater value  is in the process of immersion.  Students not only enjoy the rudiments of  Italian cuisine but at the same time get exposed to its much vaunted Italian culture. In other words, students get the real feel of the Italian lifestyle.What could be more exciting than that? Additionally, I would think the mentors, would be teaching in the Italian language.

The package allows a choice of location for the cooking lessons.Students can take the lessons in Umbria.
Located in the Central Italian region, it is one of the 20 Regions of Italy. On the west border is Tuscany, the Marche to the east and Lazio to the south.

With a  land area of 8,456 km² it has about 900,000 inhabitants. The Umbrian region is mostly hilly or mountainous. Its topography is dominated by the Apennines to the east, with the highest point in the region at Monte Vettore on the border of the Marche,  and the Tiber valley basin, with the lowest point at Attigliano.

Imagine the scenery,  and already I am envious of  those lucky beings who are able to afford this luxury.

Anyway, some samples of  Umbrian cooking are:
1. Lentil Stew with Umbrian sausages called Lenticchie di Castelluccio con salsicce
2. Spelt Soup  called Minestra di farro
3. Carp in fennel sauce known as  Regina in porchetta
4. Spit roasted pigeon called  Piccioni all spiedo

Other Specialties of the region:
1. Barbozzo - cured, matured pig's cheek
2. Mazzafegati - sweet or hot pig's liver sausage, the sweet version containing raisins, orange peel and sugar
3. Budellacci - smoked, spiced pig intestines eaten raw, spit-roasted, or broiled
4. Capocollo - Sausage highly seasoned with garlic and pepper
5. Coppa - sausage made from the pig's head
6. Prosciutto di Norcia - a pressed, cured ham made from the legs of pigs fed on a strict diet of acorns

So anyone wealthy enough to afford this cooking  on vacation package, check out this site. All I ask is give us an account of the experience.

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