Orange Juice and Fast Food A healthy Combination?

I read somewhere that taking orange juice with meals ala fast food may deter the development of  heart related ailments. This is because, according to the study orange juice contains flavonoids; specifically, naringenin and hesperidin.

According to one study: 
“Data show, for the first time to our knowledge, that drinking orange juice with a meal high in fat and carbohydrates prevented the marked increases in reactive oxygen species and other inflammatory agents,” said the first author of the study, Husam Ghanim, PhD.

“This did not happen when participants drank water or a sugary drink with the meal,” he added. “These issues of inflammation following a meal are important because the resultant high glucose and high triglycerides are known to be related to the development of cardiovascular events.” 
 "Previous studies have reported that naringenin may prevent cholesterol increases, and changes in insulin sensitivity and glucose metabolism linked to metabolic syndrome (Diabetes, 2009, Vol. 58, pp. 2198-2210). Other studies focussing on hesperidin have also reported potential cardiovascular and neurological benefits". 
"These data emphasize that a high-fat, high-carbohydrate meal is profoundly and rapidly proinflammatory, and that this process occurs at the cellular and molecular level," said Prof Dandona.

“In addition, specific proinflammatory genes are activated after the intake of glucose and a high-fat, high-carbohydrate meal, and these changes are observed in mononuclear cells that participate in vascular inflammation and insulin resistance,” he added.  
I must assume that these anti oxidants will only come from fresh oranges and not  those tetra-packed and  harvested from the supermarts. Otherwise, what is the use?

I would have been happy for those who'd like to switch to orange juice instead of the usual colas, because much as I'd want to,  drinking orange juice gives me stomach cramps.

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