Potato Salad as Prelude to a Typhoon

Got our laundry early from a shop at the Riverbanks and then went to the supermarket to buy something for potato salad. We have a couple of potatoes on standby so I thought might as well do something before it rots, sayang naman.

Got a piece of sugar beet and three packs of mayonnaise, plus a small bunch of celery. I forgot to get some pineapple tidbits - i realized as soon as i rode the tricycle.. oh well..

As soon as we finished breakfast I started the preparations for the potato salad -- boiled the potatoes and sugar beet.. began dicing the celery stalks and red onions.. as soon as the potatoes were done, started peeling the skin off.. had to endure the heat of the potatoes.. it's important that the mixture gets on the way while the potatoes are hot to get the mayonnaise thoroughly mixed with the the potatoes and the rest of the ingredients..

I thought this is going to be a bland potato salad for lack of the the pineapple tidbit component.. what the heck partner mentioned the availability of raisins we have in the cupboard.. oh great!

The result - one great tasting potato salad, according to partner.. hehehe

But before I remembered to take a photo of the finished product, the salad's all GONE!

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