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Hydration for any old hot and humid day

The weather seems to prove 'hell'. Especially to mature and elderly citizens, a human grouping I belong to. No matter what we do, the humid and hot tropical climate is here to stay perhaps,  at least for another month or so. So what can we do aside from closetting  ourselves in an air conditioned room (energy costs can kill you know).. Drink, drink, drink. Drink something cold. Fruit juice especially those prepared from what's in season,  like melon. Coconut (buko, in our native dialect) juice with the customary strips of young coconut would be nice to have in a decadent climate as what we are having this afternoon. Why not iced tea? Or simply iced water. As long as there's hydration it shall be good!

Of Nephews and the future

It was the baptism of my nephew's daughter Dana,  last Sunday. He and his girlfriend Rachel,  had a baby daughter seven months ago.  As we waited at the church courtyard  for their arrival, I thought how fast time flew. Wasn't it just yesterday that they were studying to become Nurses and were visiting us at home in their sleek looking white school uniforms . Typical of today's young, they had grand plans:  finish their studies, get their diplomas, go abroad, earn good money, send some back home and visit places they only dreamt of.  Looks like all that's gone now. The dreams will just remain that because,  in the heat of the moment, the young forget.  It appears that  all these plans will go down the drain. Both have thrown  caution to the wind as they say, unmindful  that  there is the whole future ahead,  waiting for them. There was no need to hurry.  When my nephew learned that girlfriend was pregnant, he stopped going to school.  He had to. He must get a job to