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Hello Again

Wooow! It's been quite awhile. Has it been that long? So many things have happened - the covid pandemic is still around, monkey is poxing  in some parts of the world; while Ukraine and Russia are still at it. Then there's the heat in Europe. Climate change anyone?

Jump to the  campaign season before the May 2022 elections. Funny and thankfully, Covid seemed to have temporarily rested;  with the caveat from infectious disease experts saying the new cases will come around soon. They were right.

Looking back at the elections,  some candidates sounded like a repeat of what has been said before - sorry. I fear for the future, truth be said. 

Recently, the rain started coming as always, so there were the floods again. Let's not forget the earthquake that devastated Abra and other Northern Luzon provinces. Damage was estimated at 2.1B I think because this is what is going to cost the rehabilitation. 

What new thing can be said? 

Indeed, life - is a never ending process -  death-life-death.

And I have not even spoken about cooking..

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