In this case breast is best

All my children were breastfed. First, because it was healthier and second, it was cheaper. But because my milk only lasted till they were 5 months, there was no other choice but go formula. I normally chose the middle brands, not so expensive, yet not so cheap. Except for my youngest son, who drank only soya powdered milk because he was lactose intolerant, I experienced using many formula brands. I was never loyal to any. Whatever, was cost effective and yet provided the “nutrients” a child needs, that was my brand. At the start, I also used glass bottles, for the milk formula preparation. Even at that early stage, I knew from my gut that I could not trust plastics. I believed then, as I believe now that plastic is something that will bring more harm than good, in the long term. But because the glass bottles keep breaking and was costing me a lot, I had no choice but go plastic bottles. Now, why am I talking about this here? My children are all adults now. But recently, I read this ol

Farting cattle? Try eating 'roo' meat

What's that? Ahh, yes. Yesterday, it was camels, today its kangaroo meat. I really was ignorant about kangaroo meat for food or as a substitute for beef and lamb chops :-) My nearest recollection of coming face to face with a kangaroo was in a zoo. And here's what 'roo' meat advocates say. The fight against global warming can use the help of those who might be interested to try kangaroo steak or kangaroo lasagna. Because, if you do, that's less cattle butchered and that means less cattle farting. Cattle passing gas contributes to greenhouse gases. Yes, sireeee, seriously, as in methane:-). This is not funny. In fact Greenpeace , the most widely recognized environment inspired organization aside from WWF, made a "controversial call to eat less beef" and instead switch to kangaroo meat. It is said that, " nearly a quarter of the planet's greenhouse gases came from agriculture, which releases the potent heat-trapping gas methane". On the othe

Magic milk, anyone?

‘Magic milk’ or milk that comes from camels are said to be highly nutritious, three times more than Vitamin C and ten times iron provided by cow’s milk. It is said to cure numerous illn esses like diarrhea or even tuberculosis and may even act like an aphrodisiac. Camels are of two breeds: the Bactrians or the two humped camels which are famo us for their meat and hair; and the Dromedary or single humped which are best for milk production. Milk is expr essed by hand and it appears that camel milk yield is really dependent on the bre ed, it’s grazing and the time of the year. Camel milk is expressed best in the presence of its young. So if you get the chance, wou ldn’t it be nice to taste what I am sure would be an exquisite serving of camel dairy products from milk to cheese, chocolates and ice cr eam. YUM ! And by the way can you gu ess what animal wears a br a? See the basis of this po st here and here .

Make the best of avocados in season

If you are thinking of having tacos one of these days, try this avoca do based dip called guacamole. As if you didn't know that. But this is my version and as if it is any different from the rest:-) We all know that avocado is the healthiest fruit ever. And because it is in season over here, I am going to take advantage of that and use it as dip, as dessert or as salad add-on. Now for my version, I would need: 3 very ripe avocados, mashed 1 small onion preferably red, chopped fine green onions, chopped fine 3-5 cloves of minced garlic 1 cup finely chopped ripe tomatoes 1/8 cup of lime juice freshly milled black pepper according to taste salt to taste 1/2 tsp chilis finely minced Just mix everything well and then off to be chilled. Re-calibrate taste before serving. Use as dip for your favorite tacos.

Sauteed Chinese Nood-le-s-cious aka Pancit Guisado for breakfast

I have a strong craving for pancit tonight. Why I can’t cook it tonight at 11:34, local time is not really a wonder. No eating for me beyond 10:00. Am trying to take care of my health, you see Pancit or 'chow mein', is my comfort food. Anytime, I am feeling deprived, I cook pancit. In our home, all birthday and other celebrations are usually accompanied by pancit. Craving and all, please not those advertised on TV. So tomorrow it shall be. Just like so many pancits I have prepared in the past, this one is going to be devoured like I have not eaten for three days. Imagine, having to wait 8-9 hours before breakfast. I shall use as usual ½ cup boiled and flaked chicken (usually from the breast) ½ cup boiled shrimps ( medium sized) peeled and deveined ½ cup pork,boiled and sliced ½ cup ham strips (left-over from the previous weeks’ menu) ½ cup light soy sauce 1 cup cabbage shredded 1 cup carrots sliced in long strips 1 cup shredded celery 1 pack 400 gms Chinese noodles (Canton) 5

The Ibanag is a failure

Yes, I am. My experiment to plan out a weekly menu utterly failed. These are two of the more important reasons: 1. It proved very expensive because some of the veggies and fruits I purchased ahead of time perished before they could be cooked. 2. I got too tired because the plan was to cook a new dish every meal. This is so impractical, what with the high cost of energy required for cooking. It crossed my mind you know, but I just had to try it. I am not sure if I want to do it all over again. Maybe, this time I shall use a different tack. Like buying my veggies for 3 days instead of a week's supply. But that would be two trips to the market. Still good for my daily exercise :-) My weekly menu as planned starts Tuesday and ends on a Monday. Tomorrow, local time, is the day for marketing and grocery shopping. I have tonight to make my final decision. As of today, I still have meat and poultry good for 2 days. Actually, I reached the decision to discontinue my plan on my third

I was perhaps a Mediterranean in my past life

I love Mediterranean cooking. Pasta, loads of herbs, lots of fresh vegetables, balsamic vinegar olives and olive oil. I know it is nutritious and best of all, it is delicious. This is a fact: the incidence of heart disease in Mediterranean countries is low compared to that in the United States . Could this be entirely because of the food the Mediterraneans eat? You better believe it. But what is a Mediterranean diet? The Mediterranean diet was found to have high consumption of fruits, vegetables, bread, cereals, potatoes, beans, nuts and seeds. Olive oil is significantly consumed which is deemed to provide mono unsaturated fat. Take note that poultry, red meat, fish, eggs are consumed from almost nil to 4 times a week, while wine is consumed from low to moderate amounts. Think about it: more than half the fat calories in a Mediterranean diet come from mono unsaturated fats mostly provided by olive oil. Mono unsaturated fat doesn't raise blood cholestero l levels the