Your lips look luscious, lipstick anyone?

I read from a local broadsheet article about cosmetics containing lead. Take lipstick specifically. It says if you want to test if there is too much lead in your lipstick here is what you should do.

"Put a small amount of lipstick at the back of your hand, then rub the lipstick vigorously using a gold coin or earring or anything that has gold. If the lipstick turns black it has a high level of lead".

But why do manufacturers use lead? To add stability and vividness to the lipstick's color. But it has been found out from studies (John Hopkins University) that substantial lead in the body can cause memory lapses.

Lipsticks and what we should know about them.

1. Safe levels of lead content in lipsticks should be .1ppm (one tenths part of million)

2. There are lipsticks in the market today which contains lead in the range of 16ppm to 31ppm.
These are in fact dangerous levels.

But a website has this disclaimer to what was reported.

However, this counters the above. It is a must read on the issue at hand.

Read some more here.

Now YOU be the judge.

My take: Consumers like us must demand accurate product labeling to protect ourselves from the toxic effects of these chemicals. Moreover, I say use less or better, stay away from them altogether.


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