What's in the Food and Product Label?

I recently decided to include in this blog details of food and product ingredients I encounter everyday. You see, ever since I became ill, I developed this habit of looking into the labels of the food and other products I use. I am so into food processing information these days.

Having said that, please allow me to emphasize the importance of knowing what we put into our bodies -- whether it is our daily dose of coffee, milk, chocolates, bacon, salad dressings, hot dogs, cereals, etc. What ingredients were used? Any chemicals? What are those chemicals? I shall also include ordinary toiletries like shampoo, bath soaps, detergents including products we topically apply to our skin, like make-up, deodorant, body butter, whitening formulas which are very popular here in my country. And why not ordinary household pesticides, mosquito repellants, bathroom cleaners, etc.

The thing is I want to know more about food and product labeling. Do some research. Post it in my blog... Essentially, to satisfy my own curiosity so I know I am making an informed choice wherever I can, confident that I am responsible for my own well-being.

The products out there seem endless. I am sure I will barely scratch the surface.

And so instead of maintaining another blog to talk about this topic, I decided to incorporate them here ante datedly. My old blog called food ingredient dot com is now deleted. So there! :-)


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