MondoFood - The Network To Hang Out with Your Blogger Friends

Would you like to join a network to provide better exposure to your food blog?

Then MondoFood is the place to be.

What exactly is MondoFood?

MondoFood is sort of the new “link exchange” programs for food blogs. The biggest difference is that all sites who participate benefit from the added exposure by getting displayed on another member’s site. It is one of the best ways to gain new readers and repeat visitors for your website or blog.

What are the requirements to join?

Your site MUST be food related. It doesn’t even really have to be a blog (though it would make more sense, if it is, right?) Blog topics can include: food recipes, cooking tips, food or restaurant, cookbook or , online food magazine reviews. Or, perhaps, sites with pretty pictures of food. These are acceptable too.

In order to join just send them an e-mail at
with the following information:

1. Blog Name

2. Blog Address

3. Blog Description plus write a post regarding this initiative by saying that your fantastic website is member of MondoFood.

Then wait and watch out for your blog listing. This happens in one (1) week max.

And before I forget, I am glad to say I am a proud member of this network.

So, why not you and your foodblogger friends too? Go. Join now.

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