Yes I am Sour Grape-ing

My friend who recently came down from California, believe it or not gifted me with grapes harvested from her own family's Napa Valley grape plantation and wineries. Yes, she married into a family who's been into wine making for the longest time . Swell. And the green seedless grapes were delivered in a large balikbayan box, delivered door-to-door in time for her arrival.

And so, af
ter disbursing some to my mom's and brothers' I asked myself, what shall I do with these luscious looking fruits?

Good thinking. There's more than enough to prepare a green grape salad concoction such as this:

1 kilo seedless grapes, washed very well, peeled, refrigerated in
a separate glass bowl
1 cup grated queso de bola
1 cup grated ordinary cheddar
1 cup lemon juice
1 cup mascu
vado sugar
2 cups sour cream

Mix everything in a large glass mixing bowl. Chill. When almost ready to eat, toss peeled grapes into the mixture. Serve lusciously :-)

This is really decadent as far as a health nut like myself is concerned.

To lear
n more about grapes, see this and this.

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