Plastic surgery anyone?

I know that this seems to be  off-topic from this blog which is supposed to talk about food and cooking. But one night, while having dinner with friends who were on vacation from the United States, plastic surgery  among other subjects were heatedly but happily debated on.  If only to commit the discussions to memory,  I  am now compelled to write a snippet about those conversations here. After consuming  a simple dinner consisting  mainly of lasagna of the beef/pork meat variety, (that went pretty well with the customary red wine), my friend said that back at her  American  work environment, women were inclined to get something augmented periodically. One way or the other, it can be a boob job, a noselift, or perhaps an "angelina jolie lip like" augmentation. Plastic surgery was something considered as normal as getting a shower. Why the penchant for plastic surgery? In L.A.  particularly, says my friend, everybody is so consumed about looking good. Breast and waistlin

Hello There

And yes, it seems like I will be a web-tizen once more. The idea thrills me. But on second thought, what could I still write here that no one has ever said or written about before? I have seen hundreds, if not thousands  of wonderful food and cooking blogs.  Most of them made me gasp in awe;  by the way they were written, by the way their food pictures were taken and by the sincere gestures of sharing them with others.   I must single out  sassy's   blog. She of the lawyering-turned family chef kind. I just love her unpretentious style; the unique ways in which she fuses her recipes though  her never ending experiments in using ingredients,  of  taking the traditional to make the flavor eclectic and the taste truly her own.  There are countless others who have amazed and at the same time made me envious. Sometimes, I dream that one day I could be a chef savant with my own place, managing  meals that are consistently healthy and  most importantly delicious. That would be outstan

Ibanag's Wish fulfilled with Compaq Notebook

I am so happy that it looks like I will be back in the blogging world for good. First, because we have somehow settled in our new place. Still in Marikina, despite our experience In Provident Village during Ondoy. Second, because my very dear children have just gifted me my very own Compaq Pressario Notebook Computer. The loving thought of giving despite the realities of the moment add to the luster of their action. Thank you, thank you, thank you, mga anak. Salamat. You have really made my Christmas a season distinctly unforgettable. And to the Lord above thank you for this undeserved grace. One prayer: Please protect my children always.

Machiavelli is not just a philosopher

But a brand of Philippine fruit based chocolates as well! There's this new type of chocolates created by a Filipino. As i understand it, the chocolate used by this brand are belgian and french chocolates; considered to be two of the best types of chocolates in the world. Imagine ube or yam, lychee, mango, cashew and pili nuts, guava, buko pandan, muscovado sugar langka or jackfruit, mangosteen, jasmine and curiously, mungbean, fused with belgian and french chocolates shaped in delectably stunning shapes. Ooolala! Cheers! And the brand? Cunningly machiavellian -- Machiavelli of course is the modern day politician and philosopher, idolized by many political figures we know. See more of Machiavelli chocolates here and here . Where to get them in the Philippines? Please visit them at Rustan's Makati, ground floor, Essenses area, in Glorietta 4 . Their store landline is 63 (02) 4839854.

Goodbye Cory

I learned that Cory was a good cook. Noynoy, her son said in an anecdote that when he felt he was doing good in his public life, food served to him was extraordinarily good. But during times when he was unsure, he noticed the food wasn't so good. And he thought, was she angry with me? Truly a typical Filipino mother! So many things have been said about her Presidency. I don't care about that. I just want to remember the good. But what I most admire about Cory is her mothering; how she exemplified sublime motherhood, sacrificing, and unconditionally giving love to her children. Godspeed Tita Cory!!!

Fair Trade Chocolate and Organic Chocolate - Organic Chocolate Brands -

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Healthy chocolates please

I am currently reading one food subject I like a lot . And this is about organic chocolates. Choco goodies that allow indulgence and yet friendly, both to our health and the environment. I didn't know that there were a lot of brands commercially produced, already in the market. Because I don't see them around here where I come from, I thought there were no such bananas. I love learning something everyday. By the way, for food items to be classified organic, they need to adhere to certain standards. The concept originated in 1939, when "Lord Northbourne coined the term organic farming in his book 'Look to the Land' (written in 1939, but published in 1940), out of his conception of "the farm as organism", to describe a holistic, ecologically-balanced approach to farming -- in contrast to what he called chemical farming, which relied on "imported fertility" and "cannot be self-sufficient nor an organic whole". Generally, food /food ite