Bed Weather

To digress a bit about our current heat insulation problems at home, I have been wishing bed weather since I woke up early this morning. Not for me really, but for my son so he can sleep at ease and well. Which reminds me of cloudy and drizzling days spent with my partner, teasing each other about bed weather. Back when we were young, it meant conditions were ripe to laze around the bed, snuggle, joke, tumble and do romantic things. The bedroom served as our sanctuary where the bed titillated us to spend countless lustful hours together. Ahh, that seems just like yesterday. The time we spend on beds are actually some of the best moments in our life. I think, we spend almost fifty percent of our lives in bed, sleeping, if not resting or finding comfort behind the sheets, day after day after we finish our daily grind in the office. It is also in bed that most of us consumate the full expression of our love with our mates. And it is also perhaps, in that same bed that some of our c

Insulating our Attic

When we first moved to this place almost two months ago, we were informed that the attic can serve as the third room aside from the two others. It was also the major reason why we finally decided to take the place. Because in effect there were three 'rooms'. Our two sons still staying with us found it great that there was an attic and it was so spacious. During that time, it was always raining and whatever problems we already had then with the place didn't include heat in the attic. Today, as the days grew hotter, my son who occupies the attic finally realized that it is getting to be unbearable sleeping there. My son works at night and so therefore goes home every morning to have his much deserved, rest and sleep. Rest is difficult to attain and sleep is hard to find because of the heat. He told me yesterday that the attic, which he personally chose to be his 'room' of comfort is unable to provide that at all. Yup!!! No rain, no drizzle lately, if at all. He was a

Furniture shopping is such a bliss

When we have moved to this new place, my partner and I found ourselves wondering if we needed to make a change as well with our some of our old furniture. First on our list is our old bed. This bed has been with us for awhile now. It has served us well but is now creaky, that a slight human movement causes it to make a rocking movement. Swell! So we decided to go for a replacement. As I am a wooden beds fanatic, I am planning to buy another one. What I like about wooden beds is that it is timeless. Particularly, those made of hardwood. I have started to scout around and I didn't realize how plenty the choices are. The furniture sites abound with so many different home furnishings, including those for the dining area. I saw strikingly elegant dining tables and was awed with the richness of the colors and designs. There were classics and there were modern. Again, our dining table replacement must be in wood. No other. And one more item I need is a book case. During our recent mov

High technology dining

A new restaurant just opened in Soho, Central London which allows you to dine in peace, order, or pay your dining bill fast without a fuzz. It can even get you a cab. How cool is that? The restaurant has no waiters so you do not have to suffer waiting in line to order for food. Just click on your tabletop and presto, the menu pops-up. Then start ordering. The place is called Inamo and caters to Asian fusion food. Owned by two Oxford graduates, they set out to "work developing existing Bluetooth and projection technologies for the restaurant market". And presto the result is a click and order resto. Just be careful about accidental clicks. You might just pay for food you did not order :-)

Surveys by Dneero

I have just joined surveys by dneero. They say I can earn money from doing so. They call these surveys "conversations". Again, I have been informed that while at it, "earning from Dneero is fairly easy. Respond to the surveys and post them on your site". I have chosen the conversation topic 'Eat healthier, not cheaper'. Cheers!

Back in the blogging world

It is good to be back . After a long absence from the blogging world, I hope I am here for good, ready to take on the pleasures of surfing, reading and learning from friends, as well as strangers. It was an abrupt thing and didn't have enough time to inform anyone. I am sorry. Suffice it to say that I feel alive again, hopeful if you may; and somehow feeling that I am again part of a world so familiar yet strange, part of the time. I missed everyone. I miss posting about some of the things I do in the kitchen and in my garden. Unfortunately, I no longer have a garden in my backyard. In fact, I no longer have a backyard :-) Our new place is smaller than the old one. Here, there is no garden, no fruit trees, no plants, except those we were able to take along because they were already in pots. Unlike before, "my" garden has been replaced by a stinky dirty kitchen which literally becomes dirty when it is raining hard. Gosh! :-( Enough of this negativity now. I should rea

Cooking can lead to life's travesties

Life could not be cooked-up. Because if we do, we can be burned. Food can be prepared. Sure. Choose your process: marinate, blanch, puree, simmer, steam, roast, fry, sear, barbecue, bake, broil, or concoct --- but never the truth.